Thursday, March 26, 2009


Original Red Coffee is made from imported premium coffee beans plus red beet root, a plant highly-acclaimed in Europe and America for it's nutritional value. Red beet root is proven to be rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps digestion, purifies and fortifies the gastronintestinal tract, gives you a more radiant complexion and serves as a blood tonic.

Red Beet root is a super healing food rich with anti-inflammatory properties and rich in beta-carotene (22700iu). Its organic mineral salts speed tissue repair, detoxify the blood and strengthens the immune system. Red Beets are rejuvenative food for brain, liver, gallbladder, bowels, digestive and lymphatic system. It is anti-fatigue and anti-depression.

Non-fat, Cholesterol Free and No Coloring & Preservatives added.

Contains: 20 x 25g Sachets
Price:RM 18.00


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